Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spring Junk Fest 2016

I know this post is long overdue, sorry about gets so busy!! Anyways, just wanted to give a quick glimpse at last years June Junk Fest at the Nest.

For those of you not familiar with Junk's hosted by Robyn's Nest.  She has a lovely property in the country, perfect for junkers! We had a little scramble this year because Robyn was in the middle of moving, and instead of having the event at her new location, she had it at the original "Nest."  Luckily shoppers still found us!

Unfortunately South Dakota weather likes to be finicky and the day was HOT (100°) and STICKY.  Thankfully our food vendor had 30+ flavors of ice cream to cool us.  Junkers are a diehard bunch, and didn't let weather stop them from shopping.

I like to choose a color scheme and this year I chose green.  Green is my absolute favorite color, so I was pretty excited about my treasures for the sale.  I spent all winter collecting and curating my finds for the sale, saving all my green ones.  My biggest source is auctions but I also scour thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and even curb sides.  I like the pieces I sell to have a certain "look" and if it isn't something I truly love or would want in my home, I don't buy it.  Seasoned Style is about creating a vision, a style for your home, so I am picky about what I buy.

This piece was painted with General Finishes milk paint in Emerald then a dark wax over it.  This piece was actually purchased for one of my students from work.  It will hold his treasured books.

This piece was pretty rough when I bought it. The top was heavily damaged, so I decided to replace it using lath strips.  I sanded it and stained it with General Finishes Java gel stain, then dry-brushed GF Driftwood and Linen on it.  The drawers were also finished with Java gel stain, while the body was painted with Driftwood.  I love how it turned out, one of my favorite pieces.  It sold pretty quickly too so I hope it's owner is loving it too.

This piece was a unique bench perfect for an entry way.  I went simple on this one with General Finishes Linen so that the Mid-Century Modern lines would stand out.  This piece was also a quick seller.  the owner can rest assured that she has a one of kind!

All in all Junk Fest was a pretty successful sale...most of my big furniture pieces sold, which makes the hubby happy for packing up!  I really love the Junk Fest at the Nest event.  Robyn does a great job finding quality vendors and making it a classy, fun, "junk" event!!

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