Sunday, June 19, 2016

Junk Market Visit

About a month ago, my friend, Rachel, and I headed to Fargo, ND for Eco Chic's Junk Market.  I mainly went because I needed a break from graduation party prep....ha!

This year the event was held in the Scheels Arena.  In years past it had been held in Eco Chic's parking lot, and last year, at the fairgrounds.  I will say I was disappointed with the layout of booths due to the Arena's structure.  Navigating down to the main floor was a bit confusing and traveling around the outside ring made it hard to run back to a booth quickly.

While the booths were beautiful, Rachel and I were both a bit disappointed in the amount of mass produced "re-pop" items versus true original "junk."  The booths I lingered in had true, unique, vintage items.

Here's a few more photos for you to look over!

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